Amazingly Horrifying, These Deadly Airports Are Ready To Freak You Out! – Manis Madu
These Deadly Airports Are Ready To Freak You Out

Amazingly Horrifying, These Deadly Airports Are Ready To Freak You Out!

We’re so used to seeing KLIA as a safe ground for airplanes to land. Let me scare you a bit, with a few airports that will give you non-stop goosebumps.


I think everybody knows how humongous a plane is, right? Also, the way the wind blows when the airplane propellers are spinning. Not to forget, how noise cancelling ear muffs is a must, whenever you’re near it.  It’s monstrous, but somehow a necessity to travel worldwide.

So, the thing I personally dislike the most about journeys in airplanes is, the landing and take-off experience. The way the whole airplane shakes, oh God! It’s just unbelievably scary.


However, do you know, there are scarier factors such as the airports itself? ~Last resort: Pray~

1. Sea Ice Runway, McMurdo Sound, Antartica


Sumber Gambar: McMurdo Times-com

Sea Ice Runway, also known as “The Ice” is a bit chilly. Just imagine an 80,000 kg plane, landing on ice? Craaaazy! If any of you guys are flying there, just pray that the temperature doesn’t rise out of the sudden. If it melts, guuuurl– you’re done.

2. Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Maarten

Geez, look at these people? They’re just standing there? The view of the ocean is beautiful from the sky, but can you imagine sun-bathing with a view of an airplane just a few inches away? These people are really something else.

3. Barra Airport, Eoligarry, Scotland


Sumber Gambar:

The thing about Barra Airport in Scotland is, it’s just literally a sandy beach. And yes, airplanes are expected to land on the sand. How? I’m sorry but if I were a pilot, I’d probably understand. So, if there’s a high tide then you can’t land there. OR- you’ll land in water. You choose!

4. Gibraltar International Airport

One wrong step, you’re in MAJOR trouble. Gibraltar International Airport’s airplane runway is intersected by Winston Churchill Avenue, one of Gibraltar’s busiest streets. Every time a plane is expected to land, drivers should stop. THIS is why you should never run a red light, even in your local town. Who knows what could happen, right?

5. Paro Airport / Bhutan


Sumber Gambar:

According to Forbes on 2018, there are only 17 qualified pilots who are authorized to land on a runway that is surrounded by severe 18,000-foot mountain peaks. Other than that, the airport only allows for arrivals and departures during the day. The way this place is surrounded by mountains- girlllll, no wonder you’re listed as one of the scariest airports to land on.

If you’re terrified by these airports, the one thing you SHOULD do is, to not travel there. As simple as that. Do you want to know a better decision? Pack your bags and Travel locally! I mean like, have you ever been to a hike with your fam or loved ones? No? It’s okay, click HERE  for more info.

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