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Tantalizing Kelantanese Eats

Tantalizing Kelantanese Eats!

Five scrumptious Kelantanese delights that will for sure make you crave for them just by the looks of it.


Hey Maduners! What time is it? Aaah! I bet all of you are starving right now. Alongside your empty stomachs, let me torture you guys a little by introducing some of Kelantanese dishes that most of you might not even know its existence!

1. Nasi Kerabu (Herb Rice)


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You’re lying if you haven’t heard about the infamous Nasi Kerabu! It’s best believed that this dish is a local favorite among Malaysians, and for your information, this scrumptious dish originated from Kelantan.


Nasi Kerabu is known for its attractive blue-colored rice. It is for sure something that you don’t see every day on your plates, right? The rice is originally colored by using bunga telang (butterfly pea flower), and has been kept that way ever since.


The most common sides that will be present alongside the dish are a variation of herbs, condiments, fish and others. Even so, Nasi Kerabu will always be served differently, according to the cooks themselves. This can be proven because some of the Nasi Kerabu is even served with Ayam Panggang!


Ho bakpo teh, lapa doh ko? Patience, my friends. The list continues with more Kelantan culinary!

2. Nasi Tumpang (Compressed Rice in Banana Leaf Parcels)


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Next stop, Nasi Tumpang! Honestly, this is the type of dish that everyone has been missing out. The picture clearly shows how this simple dish is packed with heaven sent goodness!


According to Zainab Ahmad Shiyuti from kuali.com, Nasi Tumpang has been created to put farmers at ease. Obviously, as farmers spend a long day in the paddy fields, it will be a burden for them if they have to bring along food containers and do the cleaning right after eating.

3. Kuih Nekbat


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Furthermore, Kuih Nekbat is also a well-known kueh in Kelantan. Kueh are bite-sized snacks or dessert foods that are commonly found in Southeast Asia. This dessert is rarely found in other countries, apart from Kelantan and some regions of Terengganu. Kuih Nekbat is also a favorite among sweet-tooth’s that can’t get enough of this bundle of joy!


Kuih Nekbat is a type of dessert that is made out of rice flour, pandan leaves, sugar and eggs. The kueh is also best enjoyed when it’s chilled.

Fun fact, the word ‘nekbat’ refers to people who have a plump body, as if there are ‘nekbat kembang’. That’s actually a cute reference that correlates. *Giggles*.

4. Etak Salai (Smoked Etak)

Etak, or also known as etok-etok is a type of crustacean that is quite similar to clams. According to saji.my, even though a vast amount of people do not know these precious babies, it is ABSOLUTELY popular in Kelantan.


Usually, the etak will be smoked or some people might say it as salai. As we can see, the size of etak is quite small, and for that we certainly know that eating a small amount of it will never be enough. In addition, even though etak is small in size, the juiciness is beyond compare!

5. Nasi Kak Wok


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Nasi Kak Wok? Sedap do’oh! This dish is surprisingly quite common among Malaysians. Why? It’s hands down affordable and tasty. Not to forget that even though this meal itself is originally from Kelantan, we can find it almost everywhere around the country.


Sigh… seeing the picture of Nasi Kak Wok makes my stomach rumble even harder!


Nasi Kak Wok is basically rice that is served with long beans and fried chicken in turmeric which is cut in small crisp pieces, or also known as ayam goreng kunyit. Besides that, the rice is drizzled with chicken curry, and sambal belacan as a side to complement the whole dish. A complete plate of goodness.

Last but not least, I think all of these dishes are enough to make everyone crave for Kelantanese delights. We can truly see that Kelantanese dishes are hidden gems that haven’t been discovered thoroughly! If I were to be a Kelantanese, I’d satisfy all my appetite with all these exquisite culinary all day long without any hesitation.


Pah duk nati gapo lagi, mari lah pakak tra semo makane klate ni!

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