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You Need This In Your House, It’s The Best Investment For A More Meaningful Life!

As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, health awareness is increasing not only in Malaysia but all over the world! A recent pandemic that affected a great number of people increases awareness of adopting a healthy lifestyle, as well as concern for health and hygiene.


This includes changing or adding home appliances that can guarantee a more meaningful life with your loved ones! For example, some increase the use of air filters and upgrade to better quality water filters. There is no harm if you ‘invest’ a little more in matters related to health and practicing a healthy lifestyle.


In the context of this story about becoming healthier, I would like to introduce a product that can support healthy lifestyle practices and enhance your quality of life. Confirm that you are not looking for anything else!


This sweet sister is named Sterra Y Tank Tabletop Hot & Cold Water Purifier and is designed with the purpose of filtering drinking water using a 4 Stage Filtration System to be free from contaminants. This product definitely has its own special features compared to other brands in the market. Let’s talk Maduners!

  1. Hot, Room OR Cold! 

Not all water purifiers have the function of changing the water temperature quickly! With the technology on this Sterra Y Tank Tabletop Hot & Cold, you don’t have to wait long to heat or cool the water.

If you want to drink cold water, press it and it’s ready to be drunk. Likewise, if you want to make hot coffee or cook noodles immediately, you don’t need to waste time waiting for the water to boil. Sterra can help eliminate that problem!

  1. 4 Stage Filtration System

Madu loves this function the most! Sterra Y promises fresh, filtered water with this 4-stage filtration function. It also prevents water from smelling musty, bacterial contamination, and metal and rusty tastes. Even drinking plain water feels amazing. Loveeee!

  1. Sleek design with 3 exclusive colour combinations

In addition to finding the best quality water purifier, you should also consider the design and color. Don’t you agree? This sleek, luxurious design of Sterra Y offers a range of features that are sure to enhance your kitchen. In addition, it offers a choice of three exclusive color combinations to compliment the style of your home.

  1. Simple and easy to use

It is also pertinent to note that this smart gadget is very easy to use as well! Aside from having a choice between a cold, hot or room temperature tub, it also comes with a hot water lock (child lock) that ensures that it is secure and safe to use for children over the age of four.

  1. Worth the price

We often hear the statement, “why pay more?” to products that have the same function and quality but with a much cheaper price offer. The same is true for the Sterra purifier, as well! As a result of the features Madu mentioned earlier, there are many brands that sell it at an expensive price, whereas the Sterra Y can be found at a much lower price without sacrificing quality. Save and worth it! Maduners can check the price at the blink below.


Buy here: Sterra Y™ Water Purifier


Pssttt, Sterra Y Tank Water Purifier is now on sale for just RM1,299 (normal price RM2,399). This sale is for a limited time only. Get it while stocks last!

It is undeniable that the Sterra Y Tank Water Purifier is the right investment to guarantee a more meaningful life. This will support healthy lifestyles in the future. When drinking clean water, you feel like drinking water every time!

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